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London Video RendezVous is a new event launched and organised by Jean-Luc Renaud, President of Globalcom Ltd, publisher of DVD Intelligence.

Swiss-born Jean-Luc has been involved in various aspects of the film, TV, and new media industry for over 25 years. A graduate from the University of Geneva, he earned a PhD in media policy from Michigan State University, then taught international communications at the University of Minnesota.

Back in Europe, Jean-Luc spent a year at the University of Manchester's European Institute for the Media where he co-authored The Future of the European Audiovisual Industry, translated into three languages. After this, Jean-Luc was recruited as a senior consultant by Logica, the UK's largest independent IT company.

In 1991, Jean-Luc founded publishing and consultancy company Globalcom Ltd where his topical newsletters became well known across the industry. They included Advanced Television Markets, on HDTV; CD-info, on CD-i, and from the launch of the DVD format in 1998, DVD Intelligence.

DVD Intelligence was transformed in 2003 into the leading industry website with 17,000 monthly visitors from 100 countries.

This has been joined by a companion executive-level annual magazine DVD and Beyond, now in its 14th year of publication.

A member of BAFTA, Jean-Luc has organised many conferences and seminars covering a wide range of issues and for the benefit of a diverse range of industry participants, from film-makers to post production houses and from authoring facilities to major studios.

Events include co-production of the 2000 and 2001 DVD Europe Conferences (the continent's largest events on DVD) and the 2004 and 2005 Film-to-DVD Seminars aimed at assisting independent producers distribute their work on disc and on the web. In 2007, the DVD Forum contracted Jean-Luc to organise their (last) annual European conference, in Berlin.

In 2009, Jean-Luc co-founded the Blu-ray Disc Academy, an industry organisation aiming to bring packaged and online media together. Its first Forum devoted to BD-Live convened in Frankfurt in 2010 and the second Forum in Hamburg in 2011 focused on 3D home entertainment.

It is Jean-Luc's depth of understanding that enables him to create truly informative gatherings that get to the heart of some of the industry's most challenging issues and have enough informality for participants to speak the truth.

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If you are interested to associate your company to this new event, intended to take place every year, a variety of sponsorship opportunities to fit all budgets are available. Your promotional effort can be specific to the London Video Rendezvous event or can include as well our two other platforms - and DVD and Beyond 2012 (coming out in early September).
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